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Concrete Pallisade Fencing by Country Wide Walling

Country Wide Walling is situated in Witpoort Estates, Brakpan and we have been providing Concrete Pallisade Fencing services to the public since 1989.

Country Wide Walling offers the following services to consumers;

Free Quotations
Prompt Service
Clean site on completion
Quality Products
Fair Prices
Professional Services


All our Concrete Pallisade Fencing Services offered are handled professionally, and our staff are more than qualified to provide quality Concrete Pallisade Fencing Services.

In general we have an average of 47 customers per year.

Country Wide Walling is the number 1 Concrete Palisade Fencing and Precast Walling Specialist in Gauteng for over 30 Years.

Country Wide Walling specialises in concrete palisade walling, along with other walling types and requirements.

Country Wide Walling has been in the manufacture and erection of concrete and precast walls for over 30 years, and are the new leader in the walling industry. As the demand for good, quality concrete walling and fencing has grown, Country Wide Walling has grown with it. In these 30 plus years, we have been creating the best quality precast concrete walls in South Africa. S.A.B.S. test methods are used on all our products. Country Wide Walling erects over 8km of precast walls, retaining walls and concrete palisade fencing per month, and all our work is done professionally.

Our Name: Country Wide Walling, is synonymous with concrete and precast walling and fencing

Country Wide Walling uses our own contractors, and offer our clients a product directly from the factory, with a 2 (two) Year Guarantee.

Country Wide Walling manufactures a full range of products to meet your needs.   Over the years Concrete Palisade Fencing has become extremely popular due to its durability, and maintenance-free applications.  This is especially true where large scale walling is required, and it is now being chosen over steel palisade, as it is theft-proof and maintenance-free.

We have a great variety of walls available to meet all your needs.  Industrial and Domestic walling, single and double-sided brick walls, raising of existing walls, face brick precast walls with, or without steel inserts, razor wire, sliding gates.  Basically, we can supply any type of retaining wall.

Satisfied builders and homeowners across the East Rand and Gauteng will testify to the quality of our products and the professional services we offer.

Country Wide Walling has worked hard to become the industry leader in precast concrete walling, and precast concrete palisade fencing as suppliers and installers.   Continued growth and demand have led Country Wide Walling to become one of the best walling companies in South Africa.  With more and more homeowners creating homes with enjoyable living space, Country Wide Walling have become high in demand, while revolutionizing the retaining wall industry

Whether you need walls or gates, Country Wide Walling is the trustworthy brand you will learn to love.  We take pride in our workmanship, and the quality we bring to our clients, and, once completed, it will show in the completed work on your property.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!

As we take pride in our workmanship, you will take pride in your next wall or gate installation.

Our promise to you, our valued client, is that we will work together as a specialist team of experts. We will provide you with outstanding services and earn your trust in our abilities, service and workmanship.

f experts. We will provide you with outstanding services and trust in our abilities, service and workmanship.

Should you require more information on concrete palisade fencing or precast retaining walls, please do not hesitate to contact us.