wall extensionsWith the festive season upon us, and crime increasing constantly, now is the time to make doubly sure that our families and properties are safe and secure from any prowlers.

If your wall or fence is inadequate please do not hesitate to give Country Wide Walling a call to see what can be done to rectify any shortcomings.

Country Wide Walling are experts in the walling, fencing and steel gate industry, and will gladly assist you or give you a free quotation.

If you need a new fence or gate, or your fence is too low, then it can be raised successfully, thus making it harder for anyone to gain access.

There are many things we can do to upgrade our security and keep our family and property safe during the festive season, as well as all year round.

Make sure there are no overhanging tree branches which will assist anyone to gain access to your property.

If you have a new or expensive car, don’t leave it in the driveway. Park in the garage and make sure it is locked.

Plant thorny plants anywhere that someone can try and gain access to make it highly unpleasant and painful for them.

Make sure there are no bushes or trees that offer a hiding place for anyone should they gain access to your property.

Plenty of outside lights will also be off-putting. Have cameras installed and a security company on call. All we can do to keep our family and property safe is of utmost importance.

thorny plant cactiYou can raise a wall or fence with electric fencing which will give a nasty shock to an intruder, plus the thorny bushes will make your property highly unattractive to anyone wishing to intrude uninvited.

Make sure the rails of your sliding gate are always clean and debris free to ensure that there is nothing to prevent them closing, and opening again, thus giving easy access to anyone wanting to enter.

Make the decision today to see that your family and property are very well protected. It is a very wise decision.

Have the peace of mind to enjoy the festive season without the worry and stress of keeping your family and property safe.

Whether you need a new fence, or gate, or would like to raise your existing fence or wall, or would like a free quotation, contact us today and we will gladly assist you.

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Wall Extensions

very low wallIf your prefab wall is in good condition, but too low, compromising your security, raising the height of the wall offers a viable solution, after all, besides the aesthetic beauty it adds to your property, it is also the first line of defence for the security of your family and property.

There is no need to replace the wall at a huge cost.

Extension sleeves can be added, then slabs inserted to give you the height you require.  Always check with authorities what the maximum height of a boundary wall is allowed to be in your area.   

Make sure that your neighbour is willing to have the wall raised if it is a shared wall, and that they will contribute to the costs.

Good walls make good neighbours.

raised Concrete Boundary WallMake sure your existing wall is perfectly upright, if not you will need to have it professionally straightened, and also check that the foundation is the correct depth and strength to enable it to carry the extra weight of a raised wall. The foundation of your existing wall/fence should have a strength of at least 14MPa.    

Once you have everything checked out and are satisfied that the wall/fence can be safely raised, we recommend you contact a professional to do it for you, as a poorly raised wall/fence can be an imminent safety hazard.

Country Wide Walling has years of experience, and we will gladly give you advice or a free quotation, all you need do is contact us today.  Our team of experts will raise your wall/fence professionally, and give you the satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing that you will have many years of service from your raised wall/fence.

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